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Sustainability Journey
Singha Estate develop
the sustainability framework
because possible impacts from
construction and activities
could send out many effect
we separate the development
into 2 dimension
  • 2024-2020
  • 2019-2015
  • Established
  • Enrollment for membership of
    the Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT)
  • Announcement of the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Registration of big trees under conservation projects
    of Singha Estate
  • Rare Species Conservation Program
    SOS: Save Our Sharks Initiative
  • Participation the Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI)
  • Launch of the SeaYouTomorrow Camp program
  • Singha Complex was officially certified with LEED Gold
    (Core and Shell) V.3.0
  • Continued collaboration with TRBN via “Won”
    and “Send plastic home” projects
  • The CROSSROADS Sustainable Development Committee
    (CSC) was established
  • Announcement of Sustainable Development policy
    and Human Right policy
  • Partnership with PARLEY Maldives to deliver plastic debris from the sea and coastal areas
  • First year of listing on the “Thailand Sustainability Investment” (THSI)
  • Low carbon Initiatives at Santiburi Koh Samui
  • Joining membership of Bio-Diversity Network Alliance (B-DNA)
  • Launch of the second Marine Discovery Centre (MDC)
    at CROSSROADS in Maldives
  • ‘S Talks’ event: The Sea of Next Decade
  • Kind Merchant Save the Sea Initiatives
  • Let’s Go Green, Save The Earth campaign
  • The Vibhavadi Zero-Waste by Thailand Responsible Business Network (TRBN) The eco-diving school project
  • Eco Diving School
  • Grand opening of the 1st Marine Discovery Centre (MDC) at the SAii Phi Phi Island Village
  • Initiative to preserve coral reefs and to share knowledge of coral reef restoration at CROSSROADS Maldives
  • #SeaYouTomorrow campaign launch
  • Collaboration with the Department of National Park Nopparat Thara-Phi Phi
    • Coral propagation at Maya Bay for a total of 500 corals
    • Coral Reef Monitoring and Restoration Program at Mu Koh Phi PhiNopparathara National Park by drone-enabled aerial photographs
  • The Phi Phi is Changing initiative to support the Phi Phi
    • Toh Wai Wai project
    • Initiative to support the research of zooxanthellae to restore breached corals
  • The Sustainable Development Committee was established
  • The Phi Phi is Changing initiative to support the Phi Phi Model
    • Provision of mooring buoys at Thale Waek to help protecting the coral reefs
    • Patrol boat support to enhance the operating effectiveness of park rangers
  • Coral propagation expansion project in collaboration with
    the Department of National Park Nopparat Thara-Phi Phi Island
  • Coral propagation expansion project
  • Initiative to include Bryde’s whale on
    the preserved animal list of Bangkok
  • Singha Estate was established to run business under the concept of social and environmental conservation in alignment with policies of Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd.