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Singha Estate Public Company Limited develops our business based on
harmonious coexistence in respect of economy, society, and the environment.
Mr. Petipong
Pungbun Na Ayudhya
Independent DirectorChairman of the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee
Mrs. Thitima
Chief Executive Officer Member of the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee
Message from Chairman of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee and Chief Executive Officer
The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted for the second year now, forcing both the public and private sectors as well as the civil society to further adapt to the “now normal” throughout 2021. During the year, Singha Estate modified its business strategy to move forward amid the turmoil. Concurrent to achieving its balanced business growth, the Company reached out to provide more support to the Thai society in the time of challenges.
Singha Estate joined hand with the Social Security Office to allocate a section at its office building for public service i.e., a vaccination corner for employees of tenants who are insured persons under the social security law as well as the public, aiming to accelerate the vaccination rate and to offer enhanced accessibility for people. In this regard, the occupational health measure of Singha Estate was imposed in compliance with the standards of the Department of Disease Control, the Ministry of Public Health, to ensure strict adherence of building occupants and visitors and to strengthen the confidence of all stakeholders. Meanwhile, the Company lent a hand to food shop tenants throughout the year through a continuous stream of ordering of take-away meals from their shops to be delivered to the medical personnel and care providers as well as patients at field hospitals in Bangkok, with an aim to provide comfort for both their body and mind with the freshly-cooked food. We understood how these tenants have endured hardship from the plunging traffic of building users during the pandemic due to the work-from-home policy of various companies. Thus, not only we helped eased their cashflow issue with our consistent purchases, but we also kept boosting their business visibility, which could support them to stay afloat in a long run. Singha Estate ensured that all voices were heard, especially those of customers, suppliers, and the community; and collaboration was made with partners and stakeholders to minimize any impact and to mutually overcome any obstacles, which was in alignment with our vision to be “Entrusted and Value Enricher.”
Singha Estate recorded the year 2021 as a milestone year where its building blocks were rearranged for sustainable development. The Company achieved synergy within the value chain in accordance with its 5-year sustainable development roadmap (2021-2025). This was the year where the “Supplier Code of Conduct” was introduced as the guideline for practice for suppliers in line with the standard of Singha Estate. The Company also joined force with stakeholders in the same industry through the Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI) to ensure optimal management of construction debris according to the SDG 12: Sustainable consumption and production.
In 2021, Singha Estate joined the Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT)--the largest sustainability network established by the United Nations. The Company, along with the GCNT members, declared the intention for prevention and correction of climate change issue, the launch of measures for the greenhouse gas emission management as well as reduction, and the pledge of net zero emission commitment within the year 2050. The action bespoke our determination on environmental engagement and synergy with all stakeholders; and this collaboration was forged for a stronger lever of success.
The Company spent the year reinforcing its business foundation for the property development business, with a sharp focus on expansion of its residential portfolio as well as the extension to its latest venture i.e., the industrial estate and infrastructure portfolio.
Land preparation is an essential process of real estate project development. At Singha Estate, it is equally important that we preserve the natural abundance and biodiversity of each piece of land, including savaging perennial trees by integrating them into the master design, or carefully move and replant them in a safer and proper area.
Perennial tree conservation has been the long-standing practice of Singha Estate. However, 2021 was the first year we introduced the perennial tree registration of the plants under our care. This latest movement formed part of the Company’s various measures to minimize the impact from the climate change; and it is the living testament of our unwavering goal to save as many big trees as possible in all land development projects. We hope it could inspire other sectors to follow suit, which will foster the unity of action to counter the climate change issue.
The industrial estate and infrastructure business was the latest growth of Singha Estate, echoing its vision to engage in the business following the harmonious co-existence philosophy and sustainable development. The Company opted for a green technology i.e., the co-generation power plant, for the S Angthong Industrial Estate. The eco-friendly tech of the Company would attract and encourage potential tenants as it enables a greener operation for their upstream business. It also enhances the energy security, which is vital to the progress of the nation as well as the strengthened competitiveness of the private sector, leading to the genuine sustainability. The year 2022 is dedicated to the establishment of an eco-industrial estate.
Albeit shifting the stress to the impact on cities and residential business; Singha Estate continued its care for the sea and marine biodiversity. The SeaYouTomorrow: Tomorrow’s Sea is in Your Hands initiative has been carried out for the 4th year in collaboration with a subsidiary, S Hotels and Resorts Public Company Limited (SHR), whose business is actively involved with the sea and marine natural resources. In 2021, Singha Estate cooperated with the Phuket Marine Biological Center under governance of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, and the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to launch the SOS: Save Our Shark project. An office was set up at the Marine Discovery Centre (MDC) of the SAii Phi Phi Island Village to initiate the program with a study and nursing of the “brownbanded-bamboo shark.” In this connection, Singha Estate, on behalf of the private sector, is determined to share its area of operation for the research and study beneficial to shark conservation, which could facilitate an increase of brownbanded-bamboo shark population and serve as symbol to raise awareness on rare species conservation. The program aimed to provide a learning space for youth as well as community members, and to build the balance of nature, which was in accordance with the annual plan and the long-term goal of the Company to provide the source of learning, to create understanding, and to engage with all stakeholders.
Our resolute commitment to achieve the equilibrium of business, quality society, and sustainable environmental care was recognized as Singha Estate was listed on the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) rating for the 3rd consecutive year. It was also a 3-year streak that the Company secured the 5-star rating from the Corporate Governance Report (CGR) assessment. Moreover, we were honored to receive the Active Participation Award in recognition of the Vibhavadhi Zero Waste project, which witnessed the continual and solid synergy as well as dedication for waste management of all parties to the network and concrete contribution to the sustainable social progress.
Singha Estate hereby anchors its affirmation to deliver a refined value while sustaining the equilibrium of the economy, society, and environment. The Company places priority on securing trust of stakeholders while enriching lives and tomorrow-- the legacy to be passed to the next generations.
Singha Estate contributes to development of urban community and public infrastructure, which translates to higher volume of economic activities within the community and nationwide and drives further expansion of the healthy growth and sustainable economic network for all parties.
Singha Estate enriches the quality living and quality society by obtaining in-depth insight of different social geography, ensuring active engagement with the community, and building more job opportunities for all stakeholders in locations of our business operations to promote sustainable development.
Singha Estate integrates environmental preservation in its end-to-end process, with comprehensive coverage from land-based activities to marine natural resources, with its ultimate goal being preservation of biodiversity and addressing climate change in accordance with the concept of “SeaYouTomorrow: The Future
of the Sea is in Your Hand”.

Engage in business with responsibility toward stakeholders throughout the supply chain
Sustainable development
Goals and targets

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AND TARGETS Singha Estate prepared the 5-year sustainable development plan (2021-2025) in alignment with its business plan with adherence to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (SDG 2030), both of which serve as the beacon for the balanced growth of businesses and sustainability of Singha Estate on its foundation, underpinned since its business inception.
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Evaluation of impact on health and wellbeing of stakeholders before, during, and after construction or operations of all projects.
Encouragement for diversity and equality in employment and/or promotion of local employment to drive a strong local economy.
Introduction of innovations and technologies to increase clean energy ratio in all businesses.
Establishment of quality cities, uplifting quality of life and lifestyle through introduction of projects with safe and eco-friendly designs, sound living space as well as public green space with universal access in order to deliver quality society in and outside its office complexes and proximity.
Prioritization for optimal natural resource consumption; enhanced efficiency in consumption of water, construction materials, and other resources, and utilization of eco-friendly products.
Raising awareness and encouragement for changes related to impact on ocean and marine resources via initiatives introduced under the concept of SeaYouTomorrow.
Design, improvement, and construction of projects by taking into account the greenhouse gas emission, solar energy management, and reduction of high carbon emission activities.
Conservation of large-sized perennial trees in all projects of Singha Estate by incorporating them as a part of project or relocated to suitable areas, and registration of big trees under care of Singha Estate.
Adherence to good corporate governance and anti-corruption guideline and practice.
Collaboration with contractors, suppliers, and stakeholders throughout the supply chain through policy issuance, governance, and mutual exchange of knowledge and know-how.
To ensure that Singha Estate constantly delivers concrete results and synchronized direction of sustainable development progress, the Company has determined the framework for sustainable development with coverage on economy, corporate governance, environment, and social aspects. The Framework was approved by the CG & SD Committee; and it comprises 3 key pillars
The SeaYouTomorrow initiatives incorporate environmental sustainability with the focus on resource optimization in the most efficient manner, and minimized impact from construction of office buildings, residential buildings, or land-based other real estates, which may impact the marine resource and climate change chain reaction. Hence, the SeaYouTomorrow initiatives were brought about for the purpose of concrete water and marine life conservation as well as end-to-end and integrated environmental care. The year 2021 saw the addition of SDG 15: Life on land to mark the venture to the industrial estate and infrastructure business as well as the enhanced focus on horizontal residential property development.
Living Quality
Enriching living quality includes social sustainability through all kinds of business operation designed to enrich the quality of life of stakeholder inside and outside the organization, including employees and staffs, contractors, tenants, customers, residents, and surrounding communities. Relevant dimensions are hygiene and safety, quality living, self-advancements, career and income opportunity and so forth in alignment with prosperous and sustainable growth of Singha Estate. In 2021, the Company added the SDG 3: Health and wellbeing to the framework to reflect its emphasis on enriching life, health, and wellbeing for all stakeholders.
Good Governance
Good governance extends to sustainable governance, encouragement of participation in supply chain, and establishment of sustainability network. Also included are fair treatment for trade partners, compliance with laws, rules, regulations as well as international protocols, respect for human rights and privacy of stakeholders, and prevention of violation or discrimination.
Singha Estate engages in development of various property segments, including residential, commercial & retails, hospitality, and the industrial estate & infrastructure businesses. The Company has presence in Thailand and overseas and therefore, it is essential that we take into account both positive and negative impact throughout our supply chain.
S Materiality Matrix
Significant sustainability issue of
Singha Estate
  1. Health and safety
  2. Social and environmental compliance
  3. Supply chain management
  4. Water and effluent management
  5. General and plastic waste management
  6. Marine biodiversity
  7. Community engagement and wellbeing
  8. Employee treatment and development
  9. Customer satisfaction and relationship
  10. Greenhouse gas and climate change management
  11. Effective energy consumption
  12. Contribution on local economy
  13. Non-discrimination and product inclusiveness
  14. Conservation of local wisdom and cultural heritage
  15. Ethics and integrity
  16. Respecting human rights
  17. Privacy of Stakeholders
Governance - Good Governance
Social - Living Quality
Environment - SeaYouTomorrow
Our partners are actively involved in collaboration and recognizing how to help, restore and preserve the environment for sustainability..
SINGHA ESTATE is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.
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Circular Economy
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Department of Marine
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Thailand Bio-Diversity
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Vibhavadi Zero Waste